In 1906 after a devastating earthquake in San Francisco the young real estate agent Colbert Coldwell saw the need to offer a professional, reliable and quality service in the real estate sector to help in the reconstruction of the city.

In 1914 Benjamin Arthur Banker joined the company as a partner,changing the company's name to Coldwell Banker.


The 1920s is characterised by the geographical expansion of the company, with the opening of branches in Southern California and the first residential real estate office in San Francisco.

Coast to coast

In the beginning of the 1950s, Coldwell Banker continues its expansion, opening an office in Phoenix, becoming the first office branch outside California.

In the 1970s the expansion continues with a branch in Seattle and with the acquisition of a prestigious Real estate firm in Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC , so covering the country from coast to coast.


In the 1980s Coldwell Banker acquires a national service of business intermediation (now called Coldwell Banker referral network) and Previews Inc.  An international luxury real estate marketing company (that has currently evolved into the Coldwell Banker Previews program, now called Coldwell Banker Global Luxury).


In 1996 Coldwell Banker begins the expansion on an international scale, with the opening in Toronto (Canada)  of the company's first office outside the United States borders.

In 1988 Coldwell Banker was the first real estate company to offer  an online sales service, which consisted of offering an online list with their real estate properties.


In 2001 Coldwell Banker Europe is formed, in France with almost 20 offices, after this operation Coldwell Banker Europe announces the opening of new offices in Holland and Spain ,adapting the system and service of the U.S.A to the European market.

In 2002 Coldwell Banker landed in Spain with Gesinar Servicios Inmobiliarios, a leading Spanish company in global real estate services, with the objective of developing the franchise sector in the Spanish real estate services.

That same year Coldwell Banker was involved in sales totalling 243,600 million US dollars, becoming the world's number one real estate franchise in terms of billing.


In 2007 Coldwell Banker becomes the first real estate company to offer the list of properties in GPS device and the first real estate brand to adapt their website for viewing on mobile devices.

In 2012 Coldwell Banker launches it ‘Coldwell Banker heroes’ a charity project focused on the most disadvantaged people. The initiative has raised $14,7 million dollars, and it has found homes for more than 200.000 dogs and donated 116,000 voluntary hours to the community.


In 2013 Francoise Carriere and Joseph Poch  take charge of the Spanish operations of Coldwell Banker, establishing itself as an industry leader both for those who look for a secure long term investment in luxury properties, as for those looking to enjoy the luxury and comfort for they private use.


Coldwell Banker currently has 3.800 franchises and over 123.000 real estate consultants throughout the world.

Coldwell Banker is present in Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bermuda, Virgin Islands (British), Canada, Cayman Islands, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Central America, USA, Venezuela, China, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Egypt, France, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Jamaica, Japan, Nicaragua, St. Martin, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the Middle East.